Thursday, February 23, 2006

Only You Can Prevent Walmart

It’s amazing how many people claim to hate Walmart. Everywhere I go people have an opinion on how negative it is to the United States. If so many people think Walmart is evil, presumably they won’t shop there. Nobody would work there. Then how did it get so freaking big?
One guy told me he had to shop there because Walmart closed down the locally-owned competitor. Really? Walmart closed them down? I missed the part where Walmart execs rushed into the competitor’s store with guns-a-blazing and forced them to close. Could it be that enough consumers chose to shop at Walmart? It could be because of lower prices, better selection, or the smiley face stickers. Whatever the reason, Americans have spoken, and Walmart is king! Success in the marketplace is based on how well the consumer is served. Remember, corporations don’t kill businesses, people kill businesses.

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Hey, hey hey! I happen to love Walmart. If I can't sleep, I get up at 2 or 3 AM and go shopping there. I just enjoy being in the atmostphere. It is mostly found in small towns, and something of that exists even in the big city stores.

I got to visit the home of Walmart - Bentonville, MS.

In the town I grew up in, a Walmart would have been a blessing-getting to have all the stuff they offer, knowing that it is uniform throughout the country.

They have awesome prices, a great selection, great cust. svc policies, are friendly, etc etc etc. If the competition was too much for small town vendors, you still could not condemn Walmart for bringing something that wasn't being offered! That's not how it works! The problem is the lack of creative ideas to compete, lack of skill and lack of incentive.

Competition should make us try harder. I hope that doesn't sound callous. I love small towns and always loved the little local stores that may have been squeezed out, because they had charm. But when you need a practical item, the charm isn't a priority. said...

What happened to your post on carrying a purse? that sounds super funny.

You have a good start. We need funny, clean blogs.