Friday, March 02, 2007

Weekly Review 3/2/07

  • Anna Nicole Smith was buried in a custom-made gown today. It’s been more than three weeks since she died, so I’m guessing that custom dress somehow involves duct tape.

  • A New Jersey doctor was fined $5,000 for severing a hand from a cadaver and giving it to a stripper. Apparently, she doesn’t take handouts.

  • The Army fired the Walter Reid Hospital commander amid allegations of mouse and cockroach infestations. He has since been hired to manage the neighborhood Taco Bell.

  • The estate of Cory Lidle is being sued by a dentist who claims his house was destroyed in the ballplayer’s fatal plane crash. I hope he knows it’s like pulling teeth trying to get money from an estate.

  • An Indiana man faces charges for trying to cash a check supposedly signed by God. Upon further investigation, the IRS fined God for not withholding Social Security taxes.

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