Thursday, April 19, 2007

Honoring the V-Tech Killer

Stepping aside from goofiness on this site, I’m going to rant. I’m sick of the media pointing fingers at who is to blame for the Virginia Tech massacre. The only guy to blame is dead. Coward.

It’s a bitter sweet moment to know he’s dead. I think we all want to see him go through the judicial system and rot in a cell or die on our timeline. But then it’s also nice to know he’s sharing a room with Saddam at the Motel 666.

Thanks to NBC and others, this loser’s actions live on. In an obvious sellout for ratings, some media outlets make it impossible for those most affected to move on.

The gunman’s name should never have been released to the public. Watch a sporting event on NBC and I guarantee they won’t show a drunk fan leaping out of the stands and running across the field. Why? Because the drunk wants TV time. And they know that if they show one drunk, others will follow.

This situation is no different. It’s amusing how NBC claimed to be struggling with the decision. It must have been a tough 22 minutes. The only decision they struggled with was whether to air the video on the Nightly News or the Today show.

I don’t care what is on the video. I’ve seen the pictures on every news site I visit. People are dead. Now NBC gives a worldwide stage to a coward. It’s too bad the victims don’t get the same attention.

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