Saturday, October 06, 2007

Does This Seem Odd?

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and many Democrats are demanding that Rush Limbaugh apologize for demoralizing the trooops.

At issue is when Limbaugh refered to the "phony soldiers" -- some enlisted men claiming they've witnessed out-of-control soldiers raping and terrorizing innocent Iraqis, only to find out these men never left the States. This sounds like John Kerry (who, by the way served in Vietnam) when he betrayed the military 35 years ago.

Now, Senator Reid -- the guy who months ago knew more than anybody else in the world when he declared "the war is lost" -- is concerned that the troops' morale is hurt. Is this guy serious? Limbaugh has raised millions of dollars for the troops, and has been an advocate for the military for years.

Last year Americans went to the polls and showed they wanted a different Congress. No doubt we got one. This Congress has a lower approval rating than the last, and it's easy to understand why with a guy like Reid as one of the voices.

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