Sunday, January 06, 2008

I Don't Care About Religion

So much has been made about Mitt Romney's religion during the last two months. He's Mormon. And?

I'm Catholic, but I know a little summin' about the the LDS Church.

  • They follow the same 10 Commandments as we do
  • They're family centered
  • Many of them volunteer two years on missions to share the teachings of the church (yah, I know -- Al Gore has spent more than two years spreading the global warming gospel).
  • Mormons teach that the body is a temple and should not be polluted with alcohol, caffeine, and cigarettes.
  • They believe in abstenence
  • They respect life

Sounds like a good list for anybody claiming to be conservative. As a guy who would love to multiply his hairs, I'm certainly not going to split them on what one religion believes is the best way to get into heaven.

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