Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Department of Defenth

I'm not one of those guys who complains that President Obama spends time playing basketball. However, a pickup game of hoops Friday is a metaphor for his presidency. While the Koreans are on the brink of providing Alan Alda with another successful sitcom, President Obama played defense with his face. The result: 12 stitches to the lip.

Just as Bush's presidency became known by video of him trying to leave through a locked door after giving a speech overseas (see: no exit strategy), Obama's might be characterized by his getting a bloody lip on defense. To be fair, maybe he was taking a charge. Perhaps he's not used to man-to-man defense. Given his political philosophy, he probably prefers zone because everybody plays an equal part.

Fortunately, the President was treated immediately and is fine (he has good health insurance). And if things escalate among the Koreans, Joe Biden will make a great Frank Burns.

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