Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The Blind Spot

Our three children range in age from four to 18. I'm sure you can imagine the smiles people my age have when I share that in one weekend two years ago we tackled a promposal, a science fair, and potty training. There are times, however, when smiles turn to an inquisitive look that prepare me for the familiar question, "Oh, was your youngest an accident?"

An accident, to me, conjures up images of: 1). injury, despair, and panic; 2). or, you wet your pants (remember potty training?).

By those definitions I'm not sure how an accident squares with conception. You never hear somebody say, "After chemistry lab last semester I backed my car into somebody in the parking lot. It was just an accident, but now she's pregnant."
To that end, here are some standard replies to the "accident" question:
  •  "Why? What have you heard?"
  • "No, he wasn't an accident. I don't mean to brag, but I know how people are made."
  • "No, he wasn't an accident My wife and I both passed high school biology."
  • "Yes he was. But my wife is going to make an honest man out of me and we're getting married."
  • "Yes, he was planned. Want to see the blueprints?" 
  • "I certainly hope he wasn't an accident. I thought I did everything right."


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