Friday, May 19, 2006

Weekly Review for 5/19/06

  • A campground in Utah is closed because of bubonic plague detected among field mice and chipmunks. It’s believed the rodents contracted the disease after playing with some filthy children.

  • To make sure her wishes are clear, an 80-year-old Iowa woman had the words "DO NOT RESUSCITATE" tattooed on her chest. Attorneys suggest that the woman put her wishes on paper because a judge would say the current document is a bust.

  • A California home is on the market for $75 million. That's not bad considering it’s a double-wide.

  • At the Gerber Foods factory in England, gallons of Sunny D concentrate leaked into a nearby river and killed dozens of fish. Because the spill was an environmental hazard, Al Gore is making a movie based on the events. It’s called “An Inconvenient Juice.”

  • Northwest Airlines is negotiating with its ground crew in an attempt to avoid a strike. Talks intensified when baggage handlers threatened to find everybody’s luggage if their demands were not met.

  • Sunday, a Florida woman was shot through the windshield of the car she was riding in. Miraculously, she was protected by her seatbelt and a thick bra strap. But advocates for abstinence say it’s no miracle, as those two items have been protecting women for years.

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