Wednesday, May 31, 2006

News for 5/31/06

  • New research shows that people dealing with chronic pain may get some relief by listening to any kind of music for an hour a day. As a result, teenage pains in the butt made Hips Don’t Lie the most common Mother’s Day gift.

  • A Kentucky man got a surprise when he found a two-foot long python in his rental car. It’s the first rental car appearance by a snake since O.J. Simpson did the Hertz commercials.

  • In Wheaton, Ill., Gary Karafiat recently had his wallet returned after he lost it at a basketball game. It fell under the bleachers 35 years ago—when Ben Wallace’s afro was a baby follicle.

  • The City of Chicago has put out a bid request to build a city-wide wireless Internet system. This is good news for Cub hitters because lately they’ve had a problem connecting with anything.

  • Services were held recently for the former college student known as the “Naked Guy,” who gained notoriety in the early 1990s for attending his classes in the buff. It was a small funeral; apparently he didn’t have much support.

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