Thursday, June 01, 2006

Holy PC!

DC Comics is resurrecting the comic character of Batwoman, only this time she’s a lesbian. Okay, I agree that Batman needs a more masculine partner than Robin, but why do we have to be politically correct with superheroes?

I have a feeling it will only get worse. Soon, Spiderman will be put on the endangered species list—after all, there is only one like him.

We’ll see new superheroes like Envirowoman, able to leap tall smokestacks in a single bound.

And you can rest easy because no matter how angry people are, Transgendered will be on the scene to resolve all conflict. It’s half man/half woman and understands the sensitivity of both genders.

Whenever your feelings get hurt, whenever you must be responsible, somebody will be there to defend you—Captain PoliCore! Oh, Jesse Jackson already has that role.

I beg you (because most people forget); please remember the middle class superhero who drives a KIA and alerts citizens to the high pensions of corporate CEOs, The 16 Dollar Man.

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