Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Tis' the Season

With warm weather we welcome the snake season. Perhaps “welcome” isn’t the right word. In fact, my wife hates snakes. I didn’t know this little bit of information until two years into our marriage.

After she saw the first visitor to our new home she screamed, disappeared into the garage, and came out wielding a hoe in a manner that would make Freddy Krueger proud. She began swinging it towards the snake, chopping him in little pieces while screaming “Die you stupid thing!” She reminded me of a bad golfer with the yelling and grass flying everywhere. The only difference is that you don’t find many snakeheads flying across the fairway.

I’m not sure why she dislikes snakes. Maybe it’s because her dad has already killed two rattlesnakes on the farm this spring. But these are just little garter snakes. Maybe it goes back to the first snake that tricked Eve into eating that apple. God said snakes would have to slither on their bellies and that woman would scream when they saw them (so to speak).

Personally, I don’t mind snakes. They keep the mice away. And mice are really icky.

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