Wednesday, June 14, 2006

News for 6/14/06

  • A new ringtone is on the market claiming that the pitch is so high that adults, who gradually lose the ability to hear high-pitched sounds, cannot hear it. Adults are countering with a James Earl Jones ringtone that says, “you’re grounded.”

  • In a Dateline interview to be aired on Thursday, Britney Spears says her marriage to Kevin Federline is “awesome” and denies rumors that he is living in the basement. That’s because he’s in the doghouse.

  • Mel Gibson, who happens to live next door to Britney, is reportedly moving his family out of the neighborhood. His fans are stunned that he has made so much money and still lives in a trailer park.

  • Oregon State University researchers say a key ingredient in beer may help prevent prostate cancer, but for a person to benefit he would have to drink more than 17 beers. The researchers were unavailable for further comment because halftime was over.

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