Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Democrats Cheated!

Okay, maybe not. I'm actually happy that there is a shift in power. Republicans can understand the importance of paying attention to their conservative base, and Dems will get their chance to put their ideas into place instead of playing Monday morning quarterback.

I'm excited about some of the younger Democrats that ran on a conservative platform. Who will be the leaders? I'm most concerned about the Nancy Pelosi/Ted Kennedy nuts that are still around.

The issues the new Dem majority must remember:

The War On Terror
Obviously we have not suffered an attack since 9/11. Some libs have actually said, "Well, we weren't attacked before 9/11." That's funny, in a sad, ignorant way. They forget the Trade Center attack in 1993, and the 2000 attack on the U.S.S. Cole that killed 17 sailors. In 1983 Iran bombed the marine barracks in Beirut, killing 241 servicemen. All of those events were tackled with sanctions. Osama called the U.S. a "paper tiger" because he thought we were weak. If I were a fly on his cave wall I think at this point he might retract that comment.

The W.O.T. doesn't begin and end with Iraq, but if we lose in Iraq the terrorists will own the second largest oil supply in the world (so, yes, Michael Moore, it is about oil). If terrorists have unlimited money, we might as well size up our praying mats. The Patriot Act works, and I've yet to hear of an American whose rights have really been stolen. To that end, it really freaked me out to hear Harry Reid exclaim, "We defeated the Patriot Act!"

Surprisingly, few politicians make the connection to illegals and terrorism. Open borders are pretty inviting to those wanting to do us harm. Lawful immigration is what makes America great. Breaking the law weakens us. Congress has to work to secure the borders and stop worrying about what Mexico might think.

The Economy
If the W.O.T. fails, nothing else really matters. But I kind of like keeping the money that I earn. I get to decide what charity gets my money. Roughly 65 percent of the federal budget finances government handouts. Sure, we need to take care of those who can't take care of themselves. But there are too many taking us all for a ride because the Chuck Schumer's of the world convince them that they're victims and can't help themselves.

God knows better because He gave us all the ability to make decisions to make our lives better or worse. But then we ALL have to take responsibility for our lives.

Nowhere in the Constitution or the Bible (can I write those two words in the same sentence?) have I read that life is supposed to be fair. All the gubmint owes us is opportunity. In fact, most people tested by fire will say that they are stronger and more confident after pulling themselves out of a mess. So why don't social workers get commissions when they help somebody get off welfare? Perhaps that's a topic for a different day.

Tax cuts have worked. I don't know that anybody can argue with that. The idea that only the rich should be taxed is ridiculous. The top 5 percent already pay the majority of the taxes. Why should the rich be punished for doing well?

I'm still trying to see the Dems take on Social Security. Simple math shows that it's a failing system. It is the ultimate Ponzi Scheme, which the F.T.C. ruled illegal. Bush's idea is that we get to decide whether we contribute or not. If I invest it and lose it all, that's my fault. If I want to participate in the government pyramid, then I'll get my .5 percent return and it's there for my retirement. Somehow, that plan got translated into "Bush is going to steal your retirement!" Social Security is a communist idea, which I learned in history class is not necessarily a sound philosophy.

Big Oil wouldn't be so greedy if we had access to our own resources. Let's drill in the desolate areas of Alaska and stick out our tongues at Hugo Chavez.

A lot of hot air gets blown on this. Namely, let's give a load of money for college students. I work at a college and really wish people would talk about the obscene profits universities are making with the same passion they give Big Oil. It's no secret that liberals dominate the landscape at our public universities. It's unlikely they'll turn down a raise either. Anybody in higher education will notice that colleges don't set their tuition (generally increasing about twenty percent EACH YEAR) until the feds announce the maximum Pell a student can receive. The cycle will continue until legislation freezes, or at least slows tuition hikes.

I think most politicians ultimately want the best for us. Some are just more concerned about style over substance. I think the above is the minimum needed to get us through the next few years.

Hmmm. Not a funny article on a blog that has the word "funny" in the title. We'll get back to the immature antics soon.

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