Thursday, November 16, 2006

Get a Whiff of This

My son came home yesterday after being roughed up by a bully. Pushed him down and punched him in the eye.

Sometimes a father just reacts without realizing the child is paying attention. “He pushed you down? He punched you? That kid needs to have his clock cleaned—and good. He better hope I don’t see him alone because I’ll knock him into next Tuesday!…Um, you know, in a nice, Christian kind of way.”

As we’re told, “boys will be boys,” and “that’s what boys do.” I think it would be easier if our kids were skunks. Skunks are scary animals. Nobody wants to see them raise that tail. If a child could be a skunk, he would just raise his leg to threaten the goon that bullies him. “Hey shrimp, give me your money or else I’ll…Oh, hey, man, you know I was just joking, right?”

It’s a bonus that as a child-skunk he is actually peeing on the bully when he does spray. Because really, skunks will be skunks and that’s what skunks do…

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