Thursday, May 08, 2008

Clinton Wants Motel Room Tax Holiday

(WASHINGTON ) Trying to reach moderate voters, New York Senator Hillary Clinton is adding to her controversial proposed holiday on gas taxes. Now she’s calling for a holiday on motel room taxes.

The aim of the proposal is to gain the confidence of middle-class Americans who want to vacation this summer and stay in motels. But winning votes isn’t the only reason she supports the room tax holiday.

The Clintons' tax records reveal that Bill still visits a lot of motels.

Political pundits acknowledge that even though the former President has slowed down, he still has game.

“I just loaned my campaign 6.4 million dollars," Mrs. Clinton said. "Last year my husband paid nearly two million in room taxes. That’s money my family really could have used in a recession…started by George Bush.”

A source for the Clinton campaign said that a holiday on the 11 percent room tax would be made up in other places, specifically by taxing the motels and their windfall profits.

“It’s time for this crooked administration to stop lining the pockets of their wealthy cronies – like Tom Bodet.”

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