Friday, May 16, 2008

No Country for Grown Men

As I was looking for the Spurs/Hornets game last night I came across a show on ESPN 2 called Madden Nation. Apparently I'm not paying attention because a whole nation has been created. These people are intense.

I've since researched this Madden Nation and discovered it's a country of 10 million people. Naturally, Brett Favre is the president.

After about 3 minutes of watching this program it hit me that I was watching a show about people playing a video game. How lazy have we become? We don't even have the energy to actually play the video game; we watch other people do it.

I couldn't believe people would want to spend a beautiful spring evening in front of the TV watching other people play a game narrated by the Ace Hardware spokesman.

I was disgusted, so I changed my mind. I didn't watch NBA basketball last night.

I enjoyed nature, by watching a fishing show on the Outdoor Network.

1 comment:

neutron said...

Ouch!! Point and match. I was skeptical as first, but that Madden Nation thing is actually real ... very creepy.