Friday, October 14, 2011

Obama, Republicans Agree: AT & T Greenhouse Lady is a Hag

WASHINGTON – After three years of partisan bickering, the White House and Republican leaders agree on one thing: the wife berating her husband from a greenhouse in AT & T’s commercial is mean.

“Maybe she should’ve married John Clark,” President Barack Obama said from the Rose Garden. “We’re up here trying to get a budget together – looking at cuts, or even increasing taxes – and here’s this lady cutting down her husband trying to save on the family phone bill.”

GOP Speaker of the House John Boehner agreed. “I stand with the President on this. Steve would’ve been better off if his wife did marry John Clark. But then we’d be talking about how sorry we are for John Clark. No man should have to put up with that.”

Both parties are especially disappointed with the logistics. “That contentious tone in the greenhouse is what gets me,” said Obama. “It’s probably a greenhouse that Steve built, and that’s how she thanks him? Belittling him in front of everybody?”

“It’s like Hitler complaining to Poland that the terrain is too hard on German tanks. Um, at least that’s what I heard Hank say.”

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