Friday, October 07, 2011

Taking Occupy Wall Street Lead, Pets Protest Embarrassing Halloween Costumes

WASHINGTON – As the “Occupy” movement continues to spread across the U.S., dogs and cats are coming out to protest the costumes they’ll be dressed in later this month.

“Mak me sleP oWTSide instead,” read the sign of a 5-year-old schnauzer named Cheech. “I thought he liked the top hat,” lamented his owner Damon Rogers.

Many are surprised at how the pets could assemble at the same times. “Well, it’s not like they have jobs to go to,” said Ethel McNamara, owner of 3 cats. “They live here with me, so they come and go as they wish.”

Others are bewildered that the animals could even make protest signs. “I paid a lot of money for them to go to school for training,” said one dog owner. “I’m just struck by how poor their spelling is.”

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