Friday, July 28, 2006

Weekly Review 7/28/06

  • While in the Wal-Mart garden department, a Florida man reached into a bush and was bitten by a snake. Democrats have been warning for years that you’ll get bit if you mess with a Bush.

  • British newspapers report that, while on her Confessions world tour, Madonna demands a new toilet seat in every venue she plays. Her people even have to inspect the seat before it’s installed. Conservatives argue that too many people have already inspected Madonna’s seat.

  • In New York, a town councilwoman is continuing her campaign even after someone put a horse head in her swimming pool. Early election poles show that she could win by a nose.

  • A Scotland Yard detective, telling police he was working undercover to video al-Qaeda suspects, was arrested for allegedly filming up women’s skirts with a hidden camera. If that’s where Bin Laden is, Clinton would have picked him up in about 10 minutes.

  • Maryland police charged three 17-year old students for possession of marijuana gumballs. The students claimed they were chewing Orbit™.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, man.

That Clinton comment was great.

Good job, man.