Saturday, August 05, 2006

This Child Will be Called...Hoover

Now that people in our circle (Hey, we have a circle!) know we’re having a baby, we’re once again getting advice. My wife’s 84-year old grandma said that her doctor recommended vacuuming as good exercise when you’re pregnant. Granted, it was 1952. But vacuuming? That’s funny. Apparently people didn’t know how to walk for exercise back then.

I never knew this doctor but based on his labor-intense exercise recommendation to Grandma, these are probably some of his other suggestions for expectant mothers: cooking three meals per day, mowing the yard, repaving the driveway.

I wonder if it works the other way. Could a woman defend a dirty carpet by saying, “Honey, I would vacuum but I can’t because I’m not pregnant.”

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Anonymous said...

That's one of the great insults of sterility.

Not only can you not bear children, but your carpets look horrible.

Can you imagine if you modified the Biblical duel between Rachel and Leah to incorporate the practice of vacumming for the pregnant?

Jacob would've been buying a new rug every week.