Friday, October 06, 2006

Weekly Review 10/6/06

  • In Germany, a plastic surgeon gave pictures to police of the enlarged breasts of women cheating him out of payments after surgery. Officials are frustrated because the “wanted” posters keep disappearing from the post office.

  • Federal officials began an investigation into a fire that ruined about 4 percent of America's yield of hops, used as flavoring in the brewing of beer. They suspect terrorist mastermind Ibin drinkin Tmuch.

  • A Japanese man recited pi to 100,000 decimal places from memory, setting what some claim to be a new world record. Sadly, he couldn’t call the Guinness Book of World Records because he forgot the phone number.

  • Iraqis are finding humor in a television comedy called, “Hurry up, He’s Dead.” The show’s popularity grew after producers changed the title from, “Two and a Half Jihadists.”

  • German drugmaker Schering warned consumers not to use hemorrhoid cream on their faces, a method used to reduce puffy eyes. Many supermodels argue that they need the cream because their heads cannot hold the weight of sliced cucumbers.

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