Monday, October 02, 2006

Weekly Review 9/29/06

  • To remind a forgetful man of his anniversary, a Jeweler is selling a wedding band that heats up 24 hours before the special day. It also comes with a string to tie around the other finger to remind him why his finger is burning.

  • Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez says the White House is planning to assassinate him. President Bush denies the claim. To ease tensions, Bush invited him to go hunting with Dick Cheney.

  • John Mark Karr is in a California courtroom facing child porn charges. If convicted he could face several years in prison. If acquitted he plans to run for Congressman Mark Foley’s vacated seat.

  • The European Commission approved a new anti-smoking pill. They concluded that it’s a guaranteed way to quit smoking because it’s impossible to smoke a pill.

  • Reports say that Britney Spears will rap on her new album. Her new rap name is Lil’ Dim.

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