Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Frosty's Dating Profile

**Note: This snowman dating profile is also posted at www.littlegreenball.com

Okay, I never know what to say on these things, but here goes.

I’m a S/W/M (snow, white, male) who likes to have a good time, especially when I wear that silk hat. I enjoy the outdoors. I really can’t stand watching TV or even sitting on the couch at all. In fact, I stay away from anything electrical.

I don’t have much of a temper unless you call me flakey or empty-headed. Some say I’m soft, but I have ice water in my veins. I can stand the heat if the temperature is below 32 degrees.

I like to clean. You’ll usually find me with a broom in my hand. I don’t do windows because for some reason I always leave streaks.

I should mention that I do have a sordid past. Two years ago I got plowed. Then a woman picked me up and we went to her place. Because I have integrity, I insisted that I sleep outside until I could pull myself together. There is no truth to the rumor that this is where I got my button nose. That story was started by a dusty sled in the garage.

As long as I’m talking about past demons, I did have a run-in with the law. I feel bad because I was with the children. I led them down the streets of town. I was retaining water more than usual that day, so I wasn’t really paying attention. When running I made a loud “thumpetty thump” sound. Drivers kept getting out and kicking their tires.

Anyway, we were laughing and playing when I led them right to the traffic cop. I paused a moment, and then heard him holler “Stop!” It really frightened the children. Most are out of counseling now. Including the officer.

Well, that’s about it. If I sound like your Mr. Right, contact me before March 21st.

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