Friday, February 02, 2007

Weekly Review 2/2/07

  • A Virginia man found a bag of marijuana hidden with the pizza delivered to his house. The small town is stunned because nobody knew Willie Nelson works for Pizza Hut.

  • Archaeologists in England have unearthed an ancient village for festival-goers. They call it “Miami.”

  • Cars were banned in Italian cities Sunday to lower pollution levels. To compensate, pedestrians had to shout expletives at the bikers who cut them off.

  • A safety problem prompted an emergency shutdown at a Russian nuclear power plant. Surprising, since the plant just received a glowing review.

  • Sir Richard Branson is offering parents the chance to put the umbilical blood of newborns in a stem cell storage bank. It’s easy to make a deposit, but a withdrawal could cost an arm and a leg.

  • The Minnesota State High School League banned all wrestling competition after a large outbreak of herpes. Remember, you’re not just wrestling with one person. You’re wrestling with everybody he’s wrestled with, and everybody those people wrestled with, literally wrestling with thousands of people each time you get on the mat.

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