Friday, February 23, 2007

Weekly Review 2/23/07

  • A 5,000 year old artificial eye was found on the Iran-Afghan border. Naturally, it was spotted by a seeing eye dog.

  • A movie is being made about the lip synching act Milli Vanilli. To make it authentic, the soundtrack will be provided by Ashlee Simpson.

  • In Columbia, an unidentified gunman opened fire on two clowns. The clowns returned fire but the "bang" flag got jammed in their guns.

  • The photo of a "mystery weapon" found by GIs in Iraq has captured the imagination of people worldwide. Turns out the weapon is a jar of Peter Pan.

  • An Argentine woman tried to smuggle cocaine hidden in chocolate-coated cookies. This finally explains the Cookie Monster’s erratic behavior.

  • A New York TV station reports that a Taco Bell/KFC has a rat problem. The Health Department says the best way to exterminate the rats is to let them eat the food.

  • A lady buying a coat said to be made of faux fur discovered it was actually dog fur. She became suspicious when the coat kept hanging out the car window.

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