Friday, August 08, 2008

I'm Not Sayin' it's Funny...

Look -- it's me. In the newspaper:


Colby Teacher, Doug Johnson, earns Honorable Mention in National Joke Writing Contest

Doug Johnson, a college recruiter and instructor at Colby College, was awarded an Honorable Mention in the “Archangel Shecky One Great Joke” contest for his original one-liner:

I’m not saying I live in a bad neighborhood, but the window of opportunity has bars on it.

Johnson, who used to work in radio, has an Associate degree in Radio/TV from Colby Community College, a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and a Master’s degree both from Fort Hays State University.

“When I left the radio industry, I missed it,” says Johnson. “So I started writing again. People actually paid me for it.” Presently, he writes for All-Star Radio in St. Louis and for various comedy services and greeting card companies. For samples of his one-liners visit his blog, .

Current humorists who have influenced his writing are Jerry Seinfeld, Steven Wright, and Steve Martin.

The “Archangel Shecky One Great Joke” contest was inspired by the soon to be published novel, Breakfasts with Archangel Shecky (Quill Driver Books, Fall, 2008), written by 3 time Emmy-winning comedy writer, Gene Perret. In the book, the fictional angel advises aspiring comedy writers to start by writing “One Great Joke.” For additional information about this book or upcoming writing contests, phone Linda at (818) 865-7833, e-mail her at, or visit the website,

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