Monday, March 06, 2006

Rocky Mountain Low

I remember a joke from my Bazooka Joe bubble gum rapper when I was a kid. Okay, it was last week, but it's still relevant. It said, "Joe, you're just like a teacher on summer class."

Keeping with the classless educator theme, enter Jay Bennish, the geography teacher in Aurora, Colorado. Bennish is the guy who ranted about Bush, compared him to Hitler and distorted his State of the Union address. We know about this because one of his students recorded Bennish on his MP3 player. The download is available at

Now Bennish is suing the Cherry Creek School District because they suspended him with pay while they investigate. It seems they violated his freedom of speech, squelching him from saying what’s on his mind and challenging the students to think. At the end of the recorded tirade he commented that he didn’t know if he had an opinion. What the…who the…Oh man! That’s funny. Even better is that some students staged a walkout in support of their speech-loving teacher. I heard some really knew what the walkout was for, others walked out to protest the cafeteria meatloaf.

I want to get a job in the private sector where I can rant about the liberal bias in public education. My poster boy? Jay Bennish. I’ll look to hire his attorney when I get fired.

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