Friday, March 31, 2006

That's Not Funny

I’m trying to find the humor in hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens (not immigrants) taking to the streets to protest the suggestion that our weak-kneed politicians will enforce the law. Supposedly the law breakers are the backbone of the American workforce. With all these people taking off work, why hasn’t the economy collapsed during the last week?

I’m not opposed to people legally coming to America. Immigration is part of what makes our nation strong. What is aggravating is the pure arrogance of some of those protesting. They demand civil rights and protection under the law. I have no problem recognizing the civil rights of American citizens!

Judging by all of the Mexican flags I’ve seen this week, these people are proud of their country. That’s fantastic. But what if the 8 to 10 million illegal aliens stayed in Mexico and tried to bring about change in their homeland? With the passion and anger they demonstrate in American streets, they could really get something done in Mexico. In reality, though, who could blame those crossing onto U.S. soil? They come here, get paid, don’t pay taxes, and get free healthcare when they want it. Pretty good gig.

But this isn’t a matter of amnesty. It’s a matter of security. And sadly, I think our elected officials won’t realize the seriousness of it all until we are attacked again.

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