Friday, June 06, 2008

Chinese Repossess Space Station Toilet

BEIJING -- Days after flight engineer Oleg Kononenko replaced the pump on the malfunctioning toilet at the International Space Station, collection agents from the Chinese government took it all away.

According to a spokesman for the Chinese, the decision to take the only toilet in space wasn’t easy. Through a translator he released a statement.

“We don’t like to re-po toilets, but Americans owe us a lot of money; we have to start collecting. NASA is avoiding us. So we call the astronauts each day since they bought the toilet. They never called back. We even stopped by the Space Station and rang the doorbell. They pretend they weren’t home but we could see them peeking through the curtains.”

NASA is taking swift action. They plan to bid on the space toilet when the Chinese auction it on eBay.

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Good words.