Sunday, June 29, 2008

Stupid Old Pantsuit Girls

I realize Dave and Jay are unbelievably successful telling topical jokes each night, but the rest of the world follows their lead. Therefore, I'm calling for a moratorium on the following subjects and punchlines:

Hillary Clinton: pantsuits

Bill Clinton: he likes girls

John McCain: he's too old

George W. Bush: he's stupid (although it's contextual; he's stupid one minute, but the next he's brilliant enough to fake 9/11 and scam the entire world into a war)

Those punchlines are as old as John McCain. Bill Clinton can't even get any more dates using them. Bush doesn't understand them, and they haven't changed since the last time Hillary wore a dress.

And speaking of Hillary, is it ironic that Barack Obama is asking people to bail her out of her campaign debt?

Maybe she should get a part-time job like most Americans would have to do. But I'm sure they know that being champions of the common people.

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